Happy 150 years Canada

This weekend marked the 150 year anniversary of confederation! To mark this awesome celebration of history Toronto got a little something special to help us Canadians celebrate. Continue reading “Happy 150 years Canada”


Holy Cow

Theres nothing i love more than a good burger. Thick, juicy cooked medium well, smothered in cheese and loaded with toppings.  Continue reading “Holy Cow”

Best of 2016: Beauty Favourites

Its no secret that I’m a bit compulsive shopper.. Even when it comes to cosmetics and beauty products. If you think my closet is bad you should see my washroom cupboards and vanity. Ive bought a lot of stuff this year that i loved and then a bunch that i hated. Heres a look at my favourites and cant live without’s of 2016  Continue reading “Best of 2016: Beauty Favourites”

NYE glitz: Do It For The Selfie 

I’m guilty of doing almost anything for the perfect photo-op. Backgrounds are everything to me. I wanted to order a tinsel backdrop for some fun New Year’s Eve pictures but even with express shipping I wouldn’t receive it on time since I slacked on ordering it.. so I started brain storming ideas Continue reading “NYE glitz: Do It For The Selfie “

Naughty Or Nice?

Christmas is my  favourite time of the year, I love getting together with family and friends, baking holiday treats, decorating the house in fake snow and watching the excitement of my  loved ones opening their gifts. Continue reading “Naughty Or Nice?”

Toronto Christmas Market

Last weekend i checked out the Toronto Christmas market at Distillery District.  I love christmas, something about all the lights and giant trees filled with them just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. If your love Christmas and want a night around with all of its fun The Christmas market is definitely worth checking out. So get some mulled wine, Check out some art, shop around, take cute pictures and just enjoy all of its magic.  I know i did! 


Naughty or nice? hmmmm
14 days till SANTA!

It didn’t give us the option of nice… I guess were know where we stand on santa’s list.
Now all this pink, Yeah this is what i really came for!! They have pink trees! So beautiful!

One of my best friends mom has been back in Newfoundland since September with her grandfather helping  him through his chemo treatments. When we told her we were going to market we could tell she was feeling a little down. So i decided to take her with us! she loves christmas and since she wont be here  we thought it was be funny to  “bring her” and show her! When we saw this light up family sign we knew this is where we had to take the picture! She loved it.


last but not least, The giant heart. Did you really go to distillery if you didn’t take a picture under it?

Check it out for yourselves before its over!